Sunday, April 11, 2010

Swiper No Swiping!

Nícolas is a HUGE fan of Dora the Explorer! Dora has a little companion, Boots, and together they go on great adventures rescuing friends or exploring things. Along the way comes a sneaky fox called "Swiper the fox" that likes to swipes whatever Dora or Boots have. Nícolas loves to play this little segment. If you've never seen Dora, just click on the link to see a video clip. Fast forward to 8:35...Swiper No Swiping.

In the video below, Nícolas is warning us that Swiper wants to swipe "mami's sunglasses"... The little twist he adds before saying "oh man" comes from a very specific episode. I guess it got stuck with him!

Old McDonald had a jiraffe??

Nícolas puts on a new twist to the classic kids' American song "Old McDonald had a farm."
See how he chooses his animals based on whatever he picks from the bin...Who said Old McDonald can't have a lion in his farm?!! Very creative!

I'm 2 years old!

See Nícolas saying how old he is in both English and Spanish. We're still working on getting his fingers right though!! :)

Easter Card Story

Grandmomma Karen & Granddaddy Jim sent Nícolas a cute Easter card. Nícolas loved it so much, he actually made a story about it. If you have a hard time understanding him, the story pretty much goes like this..." Once upon a time there was an easter bunny and a mama egg and abc's and more abc's and a circle...the end..." He's got quite the imagination!

Turn up your volume!!

Happy Easter!

Easter Sunday was cloudy most of the day. We took some time to read the Bible kids version and Nícolas got to play with his cool Easter Truck basket! Here's a video of him uncovering all the presents in his basket.

Since the day got much better towards the evening, we drove to a park nearby and let him do a little egg hunting! Watch him find all the eggs!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Night Night Prayers

One thing we always made a habit of doing before going to bed is pray with Nícolas. He is doing a great job! No complaints at all! Right before putting him to bed, he'll tuck in a few of favorite animals under our couch pillows (TRex, Brachiosaurus, whale...to name a few) We just have to make sure we watch out the next morning! Chris and I alternate when putting Nícolas to bed. Chris prays with him in English and I pray with him in Spanish.

Turn up your speakers and get ready to hear the sweetest little voice...

Here's Chris's night night prayer...

My version is just like Chris's, except slightly longer as I added a few more prayer requests for his grandparents :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Nícolas's 2nd Birthday

Happy Birthday Nícolas!! Yup!! Our little man is 2 years old!! This year, we celebrated his party at a park near our house. The party was safari themed from a very popular kid's show "Go Diego Go." This is the cake I had made.He had a giraffe piñata, which the kids loved and everyone had a great time! Nícolas was NON stop from 10a till 1:30p! (correction...since he woke up at 5:30a!) He was full of energy...well..that's not news!!

We were very excited my parents came to visit!! They have been spoiling Nícolas tons, and mami too :)

You can view the rest of the pics on Nícolas's 2nd Birthday album.